New Arrivals


Gardeners are instinctively attracted to the new and exciting!  It is human nature to crave the latest and the greatest, and what gardener doesn’t want to show off just a bit to his fellow gardeners!  Unfortunately, new doesn’t always mean better, so we are cautious in our recommendations in this category.  Indeed, some are of these selections are not “brand spanking new” but all are recent introductions to the trade or to our catalog listing.


Buddleia ‘Prince Charming’ –

This variety is the newest member of the Buddleia MONARCH® Collection. Members of this series grow only 3-4 ft tall as opposed to older types of Butterfly Bush that can reach 8 ft tall, making them an ideal size for the perennial garden. ‘Prince Charming’ forms a full rounded clump and we are particularly excited about its bright cerise-pink flower spikes up to 10” long! ‘Prince Charming’ comes into bloom in midsummer and blooms into the fall, providing plenty of late-season color. The flowers are a source of nectar for butterflies who find them them irresistible! We think you’ll find the color and delicious honey-like scent irresistible too. Make sure to check out the other members of this series as well.

Photo from: Wayside Gardens

Heucherella ‘Catching Fire’ –


What a beautiful foliage plant for the partly shaded garden! With its brilliant chartreuse-yellow leaves and red flame-shaped markings, this selection is sure to add flashy color to your garden! Heucherella is a hybrid of coral bells and foam flower, and prefers a spot in semi-shade with moist but well-drained soil. ‘Catching Fire’ has Heuchera villosa parentage, which imparts drought resistance, heat tolerance and vigor. Add spikes of frothy flowers whose buds start out coral pink and change to creamy white, for a lively yet elegant addition to your garden.

Photo from: Walters Gardens

Heucherella ‘Hopscotch’ –

This is a Foamy Bells variety that has been designated a Proven Winners selection - always a high accolade! This member of the Fun and Games® Collection improves upon previous orange-russet colored Heucherellas. Its leaves emerge red in the spring and change to bronzy amber by late summer. White bottlebrush flowers appear in spring while the lacy, maple-shaped foliage adds texture and variety to the garden. As a H. villosa hybrid, you can expect great heat-tolerance and vigorous growth. Best foliage color develops in a part sun/part shade location. We also grow the other two PW Heucherellas in this Collection.

Photo from: Walters Gardens

Hibiscus ‘Starry Starry Night’ -

We feel compelled to add at least one new Hibiscus each year, because breeding advances in this spectacular genus keep on coming! Nearly everyone is wowed by the big, showy tropical-looking flowers, but not all gardeners have room for really big plants. New hybrids are shorter, more compact, have more flowers per plant, and produce flowers over a longer period of time. Another ornamental feature that has put Hibiscus into the trendsetting category is the development of dark burgundy foliage. ‘Starry Starry Night’ is a winner on all counts, and we are happy to be able to offer it this year! The 7-8” wide flowers display alternating shades of light and dark pink, punctuated by a bright cherry red center. The plants make neat mounds of near-black, maple-life foliage, and grow 3.5-4ft in height. Stunning!


Photo from: Walters Gardens

MIscanthus ‘Oktoberfest’ –

This is one of the best new ornamental grasses to be introduced in many years. Unlike many maiden grasses whose green blades simply fade to tan in the fall, the foliage of ‘Oktoberfest’ provides a festival of color, with deep purple and red highlights beginning in late summer and intensifying in the fall. The shimmering burgundy flower plumes emerge in September – earlier than many older varieties – and by October have changed to creamy tan with a full, fluffy appearance. This large showy grass reaches 6-7 ft in height. Like all members of the maiden grass family, ‘Oktoberfest’ performs best in full sun and well-drained soil. Sun is especially important for developing its outstanding fall color.

Photo from: Walters Gardens


Veronica ‘Pink Potion’ –

 We have always loved pink Speedwells, probably because so many of them are blue, and we like a change once in awhile! We believe that this new Proven Winners variety (a member of the Magic Show® Collection) will surpass our old favorite pink Veronica ‘Red Fox’. It has improved disease resistance and a profuse flowering habit that covers the top half of the plant. Pair it up with ‘Hocus Pocus’, another Magic Show® Veronica, for a beautiful pink and blue duo! These varieties grow 14-18” tall and are perfect at the front of the sunny perennial border.

Photo from: Walters Gardens