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Drought-tolerant Perennials

The following is a list of perennials that can withstand periods of drought.  
All of the these selections prefer or require sun and well-drained soil.  
Scientific Name Common Name Bloom Time Height Flower Color
Achillea  Yarrow June-Sept medium-tall various
Agastache Hummingbird Mint July-Sept medium-tall various
Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Weed July medium orange
Artemisia Artemisia grown for foliage short-tall silver foliage
Aurinia saxatile Basket of Gold April-May short yellow
Caryopteris Blue Mist Shrub Aug-Sept medium blue
Centranthus ruber Jupiter's Beard June-Sept tall reddish-pink
Cerastium tomentosum Snow in Summer May short  white
Dianthus Pinks May-July short usually pink
Echinacea pallida Pale Purple Coneflower June-Aug medium pink
Euphorbia polychroma Cushion Spurge April-May short yellow
Ehphorbia myrsinites Donkey-tail Spurge April-May short yellow
Gaillardia Blanket Flower June-Sept short-tall warm shades
Gaura lindheimeri Wand Flower June-Sept medium white, pink
Gypsophila   Baby's Breath June-July short-tall white, pink
Festuca  Blue Fescue June short blue foliage
Gypsophila repens Creeping Baby's Breath May-Sept short white, pink
Lavandula Lavender June-July short-medium lav-blue
Leontopodium alpinum Eidelweiss June-July short silver-white
Linaria purpurea Toad-flax June-Sept medium pink
Linum perenne Flax June-July short-medium blue, white
Lychnis coronaria Rose Campion June-July medium lt pink, hot pink
Nepeta Catmint May-Sept medium lav-blue
Oenother macrocarpa incana Evening Primrose June-Sept short yellow
Oenothera missouriensis Missouri Primrose June-July short yellow
Origanum Herrenhausen Ornamental Oregano Aug-Sept medium purple
Penstemon Beardtongue June-Sept short-medium various
Perovskia  Russian Sage July-Sept medium-tall lav-blue
Phlox subulata Creeping Phlox April-May short various
Platycodon Balloon Flower July-Aug short-tall blue, white, pink
Pulsatilla vulgaris Pasque Flower April-May short purple, white, red
Salvia Meadow Sage May-Sept short-medium purple-blue
Scabiosa Pincushion May-Oct short-medium blue, pink
Sedum Stonecrop June-Oct short-medium various
Thymus Thyme June short lavender