Perennials are our mainstay and our foundation. We began as a perennial nursery, and these plants form the basis of our business. Flowering and foliage perennials provide an ever-changing palette of color and texture throughout the seasons… Read More
Native Plants and Wildflowers
As interest in the environment has grown, so too has our selection of native plants and wildflowers. We carry many shade-loving spring wildflowers, including Trillium and Virginia Bluebells, plus an extensive selection of sunny meadow plants such as Milkweed and Joe-Pye Weed… Read More
Hostas and Ornamental Grasses
Hostas are often considered the gardener’s number one choice of perennials for the shade. In fact, the hosta is now America’s best-selling perennial in nurseries and garden centers…. Read More
We Provide Better Value

At Specialty Growers, we believe that plants grown in accordance with natural conditions are able to become better established in the landscape and, thus, are a better value for our customers. Based on this premise, Specialty Growers’ goal always has been to provide top-quality plants that are adapted to Southeast Michigan and fully acclimated to local weather conditions.

Let Us Inspire You

Take a stroll through our 10-acre nursery to view our vast array of perennials and savor the tranquil setting. We will inspire you throughout the gardening season with enticing floral displays, including a garden of woodland wildflowers in the spring, a lush peony exhibit in early summer, a kaleidoscopic field of colorful daylilies in mid-summer,  and a dramatic ornamental grass garden early fall. Our professional staff will be on hand to assist you in selecting plants that are best-suited for your garden and landscape. They also will answer many of your gardening questions.

Visit Us
Please visit us at the nursery, located near Howell in Livingston County, Michigan.  For the 2019 gardening season, Specialty Growers is open from April 12 through Oct 6. Our business hours are: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday – Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.
View our 2019 Catalog
View our 2019 Catalog